30 November 2014

Vacation haul

How can I travel without shopping!!?? Right? ;-)

After so many years together, hubby dearest also understands this :-D So he readily let me take a half empty suitcase on our vacation cause he knew that there is no stopping me. In fact, he was a real darling and helped me in my shopping .. so sweet na? :-)

My last few trips have been official and hence I have been alone when exploring a new city. While that has its own charm, I was so happy to have my better half with me this time ... it was more fun exploring and also shopping! And he has a very good eye for what looks good on me - which means a perfect hubby for a blogger :-D

So before I share stories and pictures of our vacation, I will share pics of my haul. For some reason, I went nuts about purses on this trip and so there are not many clothes in this haul.

Hope you like my haul. Do let me know what you liked best!

PS: Can anyone guess where we went on vacation based on the pics? The clue is in one of the pics (a very easy clue) :-)

First up are the purses - have taken a special liking to smooth and shiny bags. And always wanted a round bag. Found the perfect one!

27 November 2014

I am alive!

Hello Peeps! I know I disappeared like forever. Sorry for that. I was on vacation for the last 2 weeks and before that work for so hectic (like it always is JUST before a vacation :p) that I was working 15-16 hours a day and did not have any time at all!!!

Thankfully, I have had a refreshing vacation and am back to the grind :-(

Will update you folks on my trip in the next few posts. I have so many travel posts pending! My vacation trip, my trip to Korea and my trip to New York last year - phew! So be ready to be bombarded with travel pics in the coming posts :-D

And I will be diligently visiting your blogs to see what you have been up to! So looking forward to that :-)

For now, I will leave you with a few pics of hubby and me ... Hope you like them!

5 November 2014

Outfit of the day - Fishtail

As the title suggests, the highlight of this outfit is the fishtail skirt. I am a big fan of fishtail dresses/skirts and the colour and pattern of this skirt with a few colourful ribbons at one side make me love it even more. This skirt is just so feminine and it makes me feel tall (a big plus obviously :D)

I paired the skirt with a bright pink tank, a Kashmiri embroidered purse and multiple crystal necklaces. These necklaces are a gift from my mom. She got me more than 20 of these crsytal necklaces in different colours! Since a single necklace does not make that much of an impact, I paired 3-4 of these necklaces. Love the layered effect and the colour scheme that this provides :)

So what do you think of my OOTD?

Skirt - Shopper's Stop
Tank - local shop in Chembur
Purse - Rooh-e-Kashmir (Phoenix Marketcity mall in Kurla)
Necklaces - gifted (by mom - she bought them in Haridwar)

1 November 2014

Look like a Princess @ Aviva Dress

Watch any Disney fairy tale and you will be mesmerized by the lovely gowns that the Disney princesses wear. I still remember Sleeping Beauty's gown which kept changing colour as per the whims of the fairies who created it :-)

As a kid, it was my dream to have a gown like a Disney princess. When I came across the beautiful prom dresses at Aviva Dress, it reminded me of the Disney princess gowns. Aviva Dress has long prom dresses, short prom dresses, evening dresses and a lot more. And the best part, the dresses can be customized as per your requirements - both for colour and size. That means I can actually get one of these beautiful dresses in my size; and not have to fret about whether one of the universal sizes will fit me or not :)

Sharing below a few of my favorites!
Love the understated elegance of these two dresses. And the colors of both the gowns are to die for! The detailing on the neckline of the purple gown stands out and the muted golden gown is perfect in its simplicity. Can't decide which one I like more.