2 June 2017

Newchic Wishlist

Like I mentioned in my previous post, with a active toddler to look after, all my shopping happens online. And I recently found a new website called Newchic.com. Newchic offers a huge selection of clothing and accessories for both men and women; and also some super cute baby stuff (a big hit with me!) :-) If you are looking for something fresh and stylish, then look no further than Newchic. 

While browsing through the website, I fell in love with quite a few clothes, bags and accessories. In fact, my wishlist currently has 49 items! Of course, I cannot show all these items, but below are some of my favorite items. I am sure you all will also like these :-)

Have a look at my favorites below and let me know which ones you loved in the comments!

First the clothes: