24 December 2012

How to reduce shoe bite marks

I believe that everyone faces this problem when it comes to shoes. Shoe bites!!! They lead to ugly scars on your feet and also hurt. So what can we do to get rid of marks and if possible avoid getting these marks altogether?

I will start with how we can avoid getting shoe bites. While buying shoes, try them on and walk around a bit. I know everyone would do that. But the best way to judge whether a shoe will bite is to take quite a few rounds of the shop while trying them on. If there is a hint that the shoe hurts, I would suggest not to buy them.

Despite all the checks while trying on shoes, many shoes do tend to bite when you they are new and you wear them for a long period of time. So what to do then? Well, here is what I do:

9 December 2012

Flowery winter

This is what I wore for a walk around the mall today ... a wrap around skirt and top. The colors are very summery, but given the current weather in Mumbai, it felt apt :)

5 December 2012

Joys of riding a bus

I decided to write on this after I got back to riding the bus from Oct 2012 onwards. And what brought this about? Well .. the rickshaw fare hikes of course!!!!
                                         Source: gateway2india.com .. Thats not me in the rickshaw :)
Over the past 6 years, I have always taken a rickshaw to reach work in Mumbai. This is despite the attitude of the rickshaw guys (won't even have the courtesy to say no .. will just drive off after hearing where you want to go .. grrr), faulty meters, the traffic jams, the pollution .. since it was always more convenient to hop into a rick and drive off. It had become so convenient that I rode the bus like only 3-4 times in 6 years!!! .. and that too cause my mom would have forced me to.

Over the past 1 year, we have seen about 3 fare hikes for rickshaws. I can understand that the rickshaw guys also need to meet their expenses and hence a hike was required. But the last hike in Oct 2012 was the last straw. Despite charging exhorbitantly, the attitude still remains crappy and many rickshaws still have mechanical meters which run at the speed of light. Even the elctronic meters have been tampered with. So the amount I pay for the rickshaw has increased exponentially. Unfortunately, my salary has not followed the same route :(

14 November 2012

A new beginning

This blog is about little snippets from my life. It will feature everything and everybody that influences and inspires me. The official photographer for most of the pics featured in the blog will be hubby dearest :)
My passions are clothes, books, shopping and travelling. Hope you all will enjoy going through my blog as much as I love making it. Comments and suggestions will always be welcome!

I am from the city of Mumbai and I am leaving you with the image below which is funny and endearing. He is on that bike every evening relaxing after a hectic day :D.