29 July 2016

Outfit post - Varaa's wardrobe :)

And I have again been gone a long time. With a little angel who needs all my attention and who exhausts me completely so that her bedtime becomes mine, blogging has become difficult. But since this is something I love, I will continue somehow :)

While Varaa has already debuted on the blog, I thought it was time to showcase her wardrobe here as well :-) She is 8 months old, but due to the monsoons, I do not take her out much. And she currently lives in shirts, pants and socks; or onsies with full sleeves.

But for going out before the monsoons, I used to put her in a simple frock and socks. So her wardrobe mainly consists of frocks.

Since Varaa has very little hair currently, she looks like a boy. So despite having her ears pierced and though she is in frocks, most people think she is a boy! And my reaction is generally like Rachel's - want to punch the person (Friends fans will understand this ;-)) I am seriously thinking of putting a pink bow on her :D

So presenting her wardrobe below. Do let me know which one is your favorite!!!

PS: None of these fit her anymore :D