29 July 2015

Meet the bump!

Hello everyone!

I am sure most of you have noticed that I have become a bit infrequent in my blogging. And in one of my previous posts I had mentioned that it was due to something happening in my life. Well, I am ready to reveal what that is, and I am sure you already know it from the pic below.

I am expecting!!!!!! And the little honeybun is due in December :-)

So with the first three months of preggy symptoms and also lots of work that kept getting piled up, I just didn't have much energy or time left for blogging. But there are so many things that I want to share with you all, that I am going to make myself blog regularly again :-)

So for now, say hi to honeybun and pray that everything goes well and hubby and I get a happy and healthy child in December.

PS: In case any of you is curious to know whether honeybun is a boy or girl - well, we do not know it either :-D It will be a nice surprise in December. 

18 July 2015

Wedding dresses at CA-BRIDAL.com

Its the height of summer currently and the perfect weather to have fun, relax, plan a vacation or even plan a wedding! Summer is the perfect time to have an outdoor wedding, surrounded by family and friends, and by nature. I can imagine a beautiful wedding in a garden or at the beach, with the wind blowing gently and the bride dressed beautifully in white :)

And that is where CA-BRIDAL.com comes into the picture. This website offers gorgeous summer wedding dresses in various silhouettes, colors and sizes. Whether it is a short dress or a long one, an elegant or a sexy one, traditional or contemporary, CA-BRIDAL.com has it all. You should especially check out their summer short wedding dresses and their summer beach wedding dresses

I especially like the fact that the website offers custom sizing. Being extra petite, I know what hassle it can be to find a dress that fits perfectly. And your wedding is one occasion when you want to dress to fit like a glove, right? Right! :)

So what are you waiting for? Check out CA-BRIDAL.com! And if you need more incentive, check out some of my favorite dresses below. You will definitely want to check out more then :)

12 July 2015

Introducing ApparelCandy

I am quite a fan of online shopping and love exploring new websites. While browsing recently, I came across this new site - ApparelCandy.

ApparelCandy is a wholesale clothing website which carries a wide variety of wholesale dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, jeans and accessories. The wholesale clothing available at ApparelCandy is very trendy and elegant. I have shared the pics of some of my favorites below. Another thing that I loved about this website was the stunning collection of sunglasses. The website has all the latest styles of sunglasses which would make any outfit look chic :)

In addition to clothes and accessories, ApparelCandy also stocks a lovely range of cosmetics, handbags and perfumes. So one can shop for everything at this one website and have a complete outfit ready! And the best part is that everything is priced very reasonably. All the dresses on the website are priced at below $10. Isn't that just amazing?!

So check out ApparelCandy and let me know what you think :)

4 July 2015

Outfit of the Day - Simple and short

I am back after a really long break. I can't believe I did not blog at all in June! But there have been lots of things happening which prevented my from blogging. I will soon blog about those things ;-)

So today's outfit is a short geometrical dress with in-cut shoulders which is extremely comfortable. I paired a matching green purse and white sandals for a casual look. A pair of big silver earrings and I was done.

So do you like the outfit?

Dress - local shop in Ghatkopar
Purse - Espelho
Sandals - Heelwoods (R-City mall)
Earrings - ToniQ (R-City mall)