19 May 2015

Outfit of the Day - Double birthday glitter

The double birthday in the title refers to those of my father and brother. They have birthdays on consecutive days - first my father and then the next day my brother. So we generally have a combined family party on one of the days. This year, the party was on the day of my father's birthday :)

When I bought this sequins top in Spain, hubby had asked me where will you wear something so glittery. I had the same thought, but still bought it since I fell in love with it. And then I realized - a double birthday party is the perfect to place to wear something this glittery - right?

My father loved it, and my brother as usual made fun of it (you know how elder brothers are O_o !!). But anyways, I loved having an occasion to wear this top and having worn it once, I will now wear it even without occasion. Let people stare if they want :-p

Given how shiny the top was, I kept the accesories to a  minimum. Just paired it with a pair of jeans, my silver heels and a white clutch and I was done! :)

So do you like it? Or is it very overwhelming?

Sandals - Raw Hide
Clutch - Accesorize

17 May 2015

Top blog at Baggout.com

Hello Peeps!!! Wanted to share some amazing news with you. My blog has been selected as one of the top 15 blogs for the month of April by Baggout.com. This was a fantastic piece of news to get, especially when I was feeling low :)

Please check out the link below for the top 15 fashion blogs for April 2015 - and don't forget to check out No. 7 - that's me of course ;-)


A big thank you to Baggout.com for giving me this honor. 

And that's just me celebrating!!!!

10 May 2015

Outfit of the Day - Chinese

I am still not well enough to take outfit pics. But I have these outfit pics which were taken just before I am became ill and which I did not have a chance to put up.

This outfit consists of a red Chinese style dress, paired with gold sandals and long gold earrings. I wore this outfit to catch a movie with hubby :)

The satin material of the dress was quite difficult to photograph as it tends to reflect light a bit too much! But hubby has tried his best :) 

So do you like this OOTD? 

Shoes - Myntra.com
Earrings - Forever 21

8 May 2015

I will be back soon

Hello Everyone!

Its been more than a month since I blogged and I am hating that. The problem is that I have been quite ill and hence unable to even think about blogging. But I am now feeling a bit better and hope to get back to proper blogging from this weekend. I have also missed going through all your blogs and really look forward to doing that this weekend :-)

Since I am still not totally in the pink, you might see me looking tired in the coming outfit posts. Please bear with me on that.

But I will soon be back - and hopefully with a bang! ;-)