5 April 2015

Outfit of the Day - Red

Today's outfit is inspired by celebrities. I have seen many celebrities pairing a formal white shirt with different types of skirts. So I decided to pair my long red skirt with a white formal shirt and white platform heels.

After the last outfit post, I am loving the idea of adding a traditional element to my outfits. And so I added a round traditional purse to this outfit. Love the way it blends with the outfit. I also added a black and white choker necklace and my favorite red lipstick to complete the outfit.

So do you like this outfit?

Shirt - local shop in Bandra (Linking Road)
Necklace - road side in Bandra (Elco market)
Skirt - from sis-in-law
Bag - Suriti (Powai)

3 April 2015

My source of optimism

All of you who read my previous 2 posts about starting a new life and about my best friend know that I had to rebel against my mom's wish to get me married off to do my MBA. Some of you might have thought that she was harsh. And maybe she was.

But since the time I completed my MBA, my mom has been my rock. Even before I completed my MBA, mom realized that her little girl had grown up and could take her own decisions. And since then she became my guide. She does try to impose her decisions on me sometimes (which mom doesn't!), but she is also happy when I do my own thing :-)

My sweet mom

This is a pic of when I got engaged :-)