27 October 2013

Outfit of the Day - not a favorite

I know this is a very odd title for a post. The reason for the title is that hubby did not like the dress I am wearing in this post when he first saw it. He felt it made me look dull and did not suit my small size.

Fortunately he liked it once I styled it with an orange belt, some large earrings and heels :)

So what do you think? How does this dress look on me? Do I need to shorten the length so that it will look better?

Dress - H&M,
Shoes - Poolside (bought in Japan),
Purse - Rosetta,
Belt - street side shop in Ghatkopar,
Earrings - Globus

19 October 2013

Outfit of the day - Bohemian

Those living in Mumbai would know what October is like. It is sweltering hot! So while most of the Northern hemisphere is welcoming autumn, it is hot and sunny here. And that's the reason for my bright and sunny outfit today :)

Maxi skirts have been in fashion for quite sometime now. And the biggest advantage of maxi skirts for someone as tiny as me is that it makes me look tall. :) I paired my maxi skirt with a fitted tee, a jhola bag and a statement necklace for a stylish look.

Do you like my OOTD?

Tee and skirt - local shops in Ghatkopar, Chembur,
Bag - bought in Bhuj,
Shoes - Raw Hide, 
on my toes - VoV, on my fingernails - Maybelline Color Shows (Porcelain Party)

16 October 2013

Maybelline Color Shows!

Sorry for having disappeared this past 2 weeks. Have been really busy at work and also playing lots of carrom!  We have been having some competitions in office alongside work and the only thing I know to play is carrom. So I participated in carrom matches for women at office and was quite surprised to have emerged the winner! I am so happy J And I have become so addicted to carrom that I purchased a carrom board this weekend. Hubby has no choice but to play with me now J

Anyways, to get on with the topic of the post, since I have been too busy to have taken any outfit pics, I decided to share pics of some of the nail polishes I bought last weekend and also a brief review on them. I came across Maybelline Color Shows on medplusbeauty.com and decided to check them out at a local store. While I am not much into nail art, I do love trying different colours and hence have too many nail polishes (as per hubby).

I love the cute little Maybelline Color Shows bottles and bought the 6 colours shown below. The nail polishes are decently priced (INR75 per bottle, though got them at INR63 per bottle at the local store) and have some lovely colors. To top it, the polishes have good pigmentation and 2 coats should be sufficient to get lovely coverage for most of the colours. The nail polish dries fast and hence the chances of scratches on the finished coating are very less.

Overall, these polishes are good value for money and offer lovely choices.

Would love to know if you have tried these polishes and your experience with them!

From left to right: Kiss-me-Pink, Porcelain Party, Crazy Berry, Blueberry Ice, Constant Candy, Lavender Lies
So which one is your favourite?