17 September 2016

Fantastic jumpsuits at Stylewe

I recently went shopping at just the end of the sale season .... after more than a year! And it felt so good! :-D The reason for the shopping break was of course my little angel. But now that she has grown, I found some me time and gave myself a treat :-)

One of the items I purchased is a jumpsuit, my first one. I never thought a jumpsuit could look good on me given my petite structure. So I was very pleasantly surprised to get one in my size and also one that made me look tall!

Having found one, I of course wanted to find more. And so I went online. And found the most adorable jumpsuits on Stylewe. They have such a wide variety of jumpsuits including H-line jumpsuits and in such beautiful patterns too. And also my favorite - a two piece jumpsuit :-)

Following are a few of my favorites. Let me know which ones you like! And don't forget to check the facebook page of Stylewe - https://www.facebook.com/stylewe/

12 September 2016

Beautiful communion dresses

First communion is such a special occasion. I am not a Christian, but I have quite a few Christian friends and I know how important they consider it to be. They celebrate it as a festive occasion with a gathering of the family and a party to celebrate the event.

During a first communion, girls wear white communion dresses which are very special. They also wear a veil attached to a headdress as well white gloves. Seeing little girls in such lovely dresses, I decided to search online and see whether I could get a nice white dress for Varaa. We might not celebrate communion, but I would love to dress up Varaa in communion dresses.

So searching for first communion dresses, I came across the website - Mariacommunion. They have the prettiest holy communion dresses for little girls. The collection is so fantastic, that I am quite tempted to order a lot of dresses for Varaa. Am just waiting for my little angel to grow up a bit and start walking on her own. Then I can just imagine how sweet she will look in these dresses :-)

I have shared a few of my favorites below, and believe me it was quite difficult to shortlist just a few! Aren't all of them just precious???!!!