29 April 2016

Limeroad contest!!! Win LR credits!!!

Limeroad is hosting a holiday and vacation themed Scrapbook contest and you are all invited!

Just complete the following steps and one lucky winner will win 500 Limeroad credits (equivalent to INR500).
1. Register on Limeroad.com
2. Create a look on the holiday templates available at Limeroad (through the Scrapbook feature)
3. Tag the look as #StyleYourHoliday and #RoshS

And that's it! Let me know in the comments once you are done :-)

The contest runs till April 30, 2016. Do let me know if you have any questions!

25 April 2016

Outfit of the day - Black and long

My little princess turned 5 months today and so I decided to put a post :D I am planning a post featuring all her clothes that she currently wears. Hope you all would be interested in that :)

The pics in this post were taken quite some time back, but somehow I never posted them. Was so happy to come across these pics so that I can put up an outfit post. I have no time at all to take outfit pics with the princess demanding all my attention ;-)

I love this long dress with the vertical stripes since it makes me look taller. I paired it with a multi-colored necklace and a small colorful bag to complete the outfit. I also wore this dress when I was preggers and have shared a few pics of that as well!

Hope you like this outfit. Do let me know in the comments!

Dress - Forever21
Necklace - Choies
Shoes - Inc.5
Purse - bought in Madurai

7 April 2016

Outfit of the Day - Preggy floral

This is another post which is late in coming. I took some outfit pics in my last trimester but was too tired to put up posts and blog. So am sharing this outfit now.

This is one of few formal outfits which were still fitting me in the 8th month of pregnancy. I bought this dress in Korea and paired it with the round purse that I bought in Spain. Added a pair of blue heels and I was done!

Let me know what you think of my outfit :-)

Shoes - local shop in Bandra
Earrings - R-City mall

3 April 2016

Outfit of the Day - Godh Bharai

This post is quite late in coming. But at last I am sharing pics from my Godh Bharai :) For those who do not understand, Godh Bharai is equivalent to a baby shower in India, but with a religious twist! It happens in the seventh month of pregnancy which in my case was September 2015. In a Godh Bharai, we light lamps, and ladies in the family (married ladies) give gifts and blessings to the expectant mother.

I wore a pink and gold saree for my Godh Bharai with lots of gold jewelry and flowers in my hair. All of this is a requirement since I am married into a South Indian family :)

Following are some pics of me :) Hope you like the saree! - Aditi, this post is especially for you! ;-)

Saree - from Pothy's in Madurai
Jewelery - gifted by mom for my wedding

2 April 2016

Firmoo giveaway winners!

It took some time, but I got there! At last I have the winners for the Firmoo giveaway :)

And the winner is ..............
Preksha Modi 
There are prizes for the runners up as well! Runners up get a $10 coupon to use on the Firmoo website :)

And the runners up are:
1. Aditi
2. Ruchika
3. Neiddy
4. KateS

Congratulations to all the winners :-)