28 March 2016

20 March 2016

Back interest wedding dresses from Cocomelody

I am back with another post on Cocomelody :-) You might remember I did a post on homecoming dresses available at Cocomelody last year. Most of you loved the dresses that I had selected. In this post, I will be introducing the wedding dresses at Cocomelody. Cocomelody has an amazing collection and I am sure you will love most of the dresses that I show you :-)

A wedding is the most important occasion in a woman's life. Since the month of March celebrates Woman's Day, I decided to showcase these gorgeous backless wedding dresses available at Cocomelody. As a bride glides down the aisle, she captures everyone's attention. People pay special attention to the dress and this is always the highlight! And so, the dress needs to be perfect, both front and back.

If you are looking for sexy backless wedding dresses that will make you shine in everyone's eyes at your wedding, look no further than Cocomelody. They have the most beautiful and ethereal wedding dresses which are perfect from any angle. And as usual, Cocomelody offers custom size where your dress will be perfectly tailored for your exact fit.

And what's more - Cocomelody is offering a discount of $20 if you buy a wedding dress of $300 or more. So what are you waiting for??? Check out Cocomelody's website and let me which is your favorite :-)

Below are some of my favorite wedding dresses at Cocomelody.

5 March 2016

Pregnancy - Dealing with gestational diabetes

I have been planning to do a series of pregnancy posts to share my experience during pregnancy and also to answer questions that any of my readers might have. I am starting with gestational diabetes as one of my readers, Anjali Sengar, particularly asked for this when I announced Varaa's arrival.
Source: Google

What is gestational diabetes and what you need to do?
Gestational diabetes means high sugar levels in a pregnant woman as the production of insulin is hampered by the hormones produced by the woman. A woman would be more at risk of gestational diabetes if 
- she is above 30 years of age
- there is a family history of diabetes
- she has a sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy
- she smokes
These are the main reasons. Of course, a woman could get gestational diabetes even without any of the above reasons. 

Given our hectic lifestyle, it is now compulsory for every pregnant woman to get a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) done in the sixth month of pregnancy to check whether she has diabetes. Please keep this in mind and insist that this test is done even if the gynecologist does not advise it. I am saying this cause my gynecologist told me not to get this test done despite the fact that my father has diabetes. This is one of the reasons that I changed doctors in the seventh month of my pregnancy (but that is a topic of a separate post - how useless my first gynecologist was).

If the GTT suggests that you have diabetes, then your gynecologist will call you immediately and will tell you what needs to be done which would include quite some changes to lifestyle and diet.