27 June 2013

Day 6: On the cruise

We boarded the cruise on Day 5 around midnight and after finding our room, having a really late dinner and exploring a bit, it was off to bed :)

On Day 6, we explored the ship (Superstar Virgo), explored Malacca (in Malaysia), the island near which the ship had docked for the day, and then came back to the ship for a bit of rest and total entertainment at night!

Organic Surge Daily Care Fash Wash - Review

Swati, from Perfect skin care for you, was kind enough to let me do a guest post on her blog :)

Please check out my review on Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash on her blog here.

Do let me know through your comments here or on her blog on how you like this face wash!

And check out Swati's blog for skin care and hair care tips through natural products and home remedies, and also lifestyle related matters.

18 June 2013

Day 5: Singapore city tour + off to cruise

Day 4 was dedicated to Singapore city tour and shopping and then it was off to the cruise at night.

Singapore is a small, very modern city. The main places to visit during a day tour of the city are Singapore flyer, Merlion, China town, Orchard road and little India. Of course, there are many other places, but these ones are a must visit.

Singapore flyer: Singapore's answer to London Eye. It is taller than London Eye and offers a fabulous view of the city. My suggestion would be to board the flyer twice, if time permits, once during the day and once at night. The flyer even has a restaurant (inside one of the capsules) and you can even book it for parties, weddings and such!

12 June 2013

Day 4: Off to Singapore

For those joining in late, please see here for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

On Day 4, we left early from Genting Highlands and travelled to Singapore by bus. It was a long journey spent mostly in sleeping. When we reached the Singapore border, we got down, went through immigration and customs and got back into the bus for our ride to our hotel.

We had an option of a Night Safari that night. We didn't take this option. I had been to the Night Safari before and knew that the experience was not all that great. So we skipped that and instead went to Clarke Quay by metro. The metro system in Singapore is really good and you can travel to most parts of Singapore through the metro.

Clarke Quay is a must visit in Singapore. As the name suggests, it is the riverside. While it is good to sit there in the evening, its a great party hub at night. Go to Clarke Quay in the evening and stroll around, have a drink and enjoy dinner at the many different restaurants (all types of cuisine) there. You can also take a river cruise which is a fabulous experience.
Dress: Globus

6 June 2013

Happy Birthday, Darling!

The travel posts are being interrupted for a very special occassion ----

Hubby Dearest's birthday!!!!!!!!

Birthday's are such beautiful, special days. You get an year older, but you celebrate :D
We have nothing planned, but will definitely have a nice, quiet dinner and be with each other. That makes it special for us :)

I always end up reminiscing during birthdays. So here's a quick one.

I met hubby when in my first job. We became good friends. Then I left to do my MBA in Gurgaon. We continued talking everday, and he became my best friend. We never realized when two best friends fell in love :) And 8 years after we met, we got married - the best day of my life!

I know its birthday post - but I just want to share some pics of the two of us together.

In Eze village (near Nice)

2 June 2013

Day 3: Batu Caves + Genting Highlands

On Day 3, the agenda was Batu Caves and then on to Genting Highlands.

Batu Caves are natural caves which were converted into temples in 1980. To reach the caves, one needs to climb 272 steps. The steps are heavy and my suggestion would be to take it easy while climbing. You will definitely be tired when you reach the top. There is also a 140 ft high statue of Lord Murugan which is the main attraction at the caves.

It was wonderful to visit Hindu temples outside India. :) Hope you enjoy the pictures below after which I will write about Genting Highlands.

Dress - g.u. (bought in Japan), Bag - bought in Japan, ring - made by my niece, Sunnies - IDEE, necklace - H&M