29 July 2014

Outfit of the day - Floral fix

Floral prints have been the rage for quite some time now. And I went with the flow when I got this grey floral tee on sale recently. I bought the floral lace jacket at the same time. Love the fit of the jacket! :-)

But what makes this outfit stand out are the lovely floral earrings that I received from the Born pretty store (they are called snowflake earrings). The earrings contain a cluster of six stone studded flowers and would look lovely with a casual or a party look. I paired them with my floral top and jeans, and just the earrings quite glam up the look.

So what do you think? Do you like the earrings? and my OOTD?

And before I show you my outfit pics, want to share this Born pretty store coupon with you. Use the coupon code HRB10 to get 10% off on your purchases at the store! The store has lovely jewellery which you can see by clicking the following link. It also stocks gorgeous nail art stuff at very very reasonable rates. So don't forget to check out the Born pretty store :-)


Tee - Lifestyle (Brand: Code)
Jacket - Lifestyle (Brand: Code)
Belt - road side shop in Ghatkopar
Jeans - Forever21
Shoes - local shop in Bandra

21 July 2014

Resort Look 3

This is the last of my looks from my visit to Prakruti Resort (please see post here). The resort has a disco with a DJ every night and given my love for dancing, I of course dragged hubby to the dance floor ;-)

On the first night, this was the outfit I wore to the disco. All the parts of my outfit have been featured on the blog before except the earrings. So this was just a different way to wear each piece. I added palm tree earrings to match with the palm trees at the resort :-)

I believe this outfit has a sort of Hawaiin feel to it .. or maybe its just the flower :D

What do you think? Do you like this outfit?

Top and skirt - local shops in Chembur
Earrings - Forever21
Shoes - Inc. 5

19 July 2014

Wishlist of sexy dresses

Those who are familiar with my blog would know that my outfits are not generally sexy. I am not even sure whether I can pull off sexy :-D 

But if nothing else, running this blog sure makes me want to experiment. Sexy can be overt or it can be subtle. I am someone who likes it to be subtle rather than in your face. So in my search for this, I came across sexy dresses at Tbdress


Tbdress has some really lovely and cheap sexy dresses. They stock dresses which are very different from what you would find on other websites. And currently, they are running a sale where you can get up to 80% off on these dresses. So what are you waiting for? Check out the above link and see for yourself!

I have made a wishlist from the dresses available at Tbdress. Do let me know which one is your favorite ;-)

9 July 2014

Introducing 'Colour in Formals'

People who know me know that I love colours. And so I have decided to start a series of posts dedicated to including more colour in formal clothes.

Generally, western formals (Indian formals include the salwar kameez which can be quite colourful!) include dull colours like black, grey, beige and navy blue. Of course, there are also brighter formal clothes, but generally the dull colours dominate. And I agree that these colours look more formal than say a bright green suit. But wearing only a dull grey suit can be so boring!

So my new series is dedicated to having more colour/brightness in office life ;-)

Either by wearing brighter clothes which are still super formal, or by including a hint of colour, even if it is only through a pair of earrings or a colourful bag. 

I will start with a note that I will not be very regular with these series since it is not everyday that you can include something bright. But whenever the inspiration strikes, there will be a post :-)

So I will start off the series with today's outfit which includes a top which has 5 colours in it! But I think it still looks formal when paired with fine checkered pants which look grey. I have also added lovely bright green button earrings and a light yellow tote to add more colour.

So let me know what you think of this new series and today's OOTD :-)

Top - Chemistry
Pants - GAP
Belt - road side shop in Masjid Bandar
Earrings - local exhibition in Ghatkopar
Pumps - Mint Drop (bought in Japan)
Bag - bought in Japan (near Asakusa)

4 July 2014

Kama Jewellery blogger contest - Please vote for me

As I mentioned in my last post, I went for the new diamond jewellery launch by Kama Jewellery 2 weeks ago. 

After the launch, Kama informed us about the blogger contest, which included naming the new collection and getting votes on their webpage.

I named the collection "Kashwini". Now I need the votes!

I would be so happy if all you beautiful people could vote for me at the below link. Just look for Rosh S and click on the like button. 


Thank you!!!