26 May 2013

Day 2: City tour of KL + Shopping

After an early night on day 1, we were ready bright and early for our city tour of Kuala Lumpur. As per the itinerary, after the tour, we would be dropped off at Bukit Bintang for shopping. Since hubby and I had been there the previous day, we knew exactly what to shop for! :)

During the city tour, we saw the Palace, the twin towers (close-up), the chocolate boutique, went to the top of KL Tower and saw the whole of KL, and took loads of pics :). I will leave you now with the pics. Hope you enjoy them!

The Palace

23 May 2013

Day 1: Arrival in Kuala Lumpur

Sadly, my vacation is over and I am back to the grind :(

But the good part is that I get to share my experiences and photos with you :)

The posts related to my vacation will be more of travel posts with a bit of fashion included. I will give details on places to visit in each city, interesting facts, places to shop and any other titbits that seem important. And yes, these posts will be quite picture heavy! Hope you guys enjoy reading the coming 8-9 posts :)
Day 1: We had a Singapore Airlines flight from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur (KL), with a stopover at Singapore. The flight was a bit tiring since we were flying at night and did not get much sleep. Also, makemytrip (through which we booked our package) had chosen seats for us on the flight which were not together (I will do a post at the end on my experience and rating of makemytrip.com). So that was a big disappointment (since the flight was full, we could not get 2 seats together).

Anyways, we landed in KL and were taken to our hotel there - Sunway Putra. We reached the hotel by around 2pm and the rest of the day was free. The good surprise here was that we had a suite instead of just a room - and the view was awesome (of the twin towers!). So we showered, had a bite to eat and decided to explore on our own.

There was a train station just a minute away from our hotel. So we took a train to Bukit Bintang which is the shopping destination in KL :) There are around 7 malls here which range from the very high end (Pavilion mall) to the reasonable (Lot 10 and others). It was fun just going around the malls and window shopping. We had real fun just browsing and deciding on what we could buy (I had a shopping list from my family which had to ticked off!). The day ended with us returning to the hotel, going for dinner and then early to bed - due to lack of sleep and jet lag.

10 May 2013

I'm leaving on a jetplane....

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standing here, outside the door ...

I am leaving today ...

1 May 2013

Outfit of the Day - Family Day

Sunday was Family Day at office. We could take our family to the office so that they could see where we work :)

I took my parents and hubby dearest. They saw the desk where I spend 12 hours a day (boo to me!) and then had loads of snacks in the cafeteria. My parents were really happy to see where I worked and that made me happy :)

Photos were not allowed on the premises. So hubby and me got home and took some pictures at home.

I wore casual clothes with a bit of zing and added my favourite chunky necklace of pink stones. Let me know what you think! :)

Hubby's T-shirt - US Polo, Trousers - Indian Terrain

Top - United Colours of Benetton, Jeans and shoes - Forever21, Necklace - Colaba Causeway, Purse - bought at Tokyo Airport