16 September 2015

Outfit of the Day - Blue and Orange

For today's outfit, I paired the plain blue dress that I got from Korea with a lovely necklace I received from CNDirect. Playing with the colors in the necklace, I paired the outfit an orange bag. 

So another simple but I believe stylish outfit :-) Do you like it?

Necklace - CNDirect
Purse - Blackfive

9 September 2015

Outfit of the Day - Red bag

I styled today's outfit around this gorgeous red bag that I received from CNDirect. Given the lovely red color of the bag, I decided to pair it with a black and white dress and white platform wedges. And as a finishing touch, I added my favorite red lipstick.

I think the bag looks quite striking against the dress. What do you think? Do you like the OOTD?

Dress - Bombay High (on loan from niece)
Purse - CNDirect
Wedges - local shop in Bandra
Earrings - gifted by mom

8 September 2015

Acai Berry Products at USGoBuy

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You cannot buy Acai berries directly unless you live near the Amazon. They are mostly available as Acai juice, Acai supplement or Acai pulp because berries do not hold up very well to transport. You can easily buy Acai berry products from Amazon through USGoBuy and get discount up to 85% on new delivery.

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5 September 2015

Wedding Dresses at Landybridal

One of my favorite bloggers recently got married and of course she had a gorgeous white wedding dress. And that started me googling on wedding dresses. So what if I am married! I always hope I can get married again to hubby on our 10th anniversary and this time have a white wedding rather than an Indian wedding :-)

Landybridal is a website that has some of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have seen. They have stunning vintage lace wedding dresses and also destination wedding dresses. And the unique thing is the beautiful backs of the dresses! The lacework at the back is breathtaking. All the dresses are handmade so that they fit perfectly.

The destination wedding dresses include dresses which are perfect if you are having a beach wedding. Loved these dresses!

I have shared some of my favorites. Let me which one you like. :-)