30 May 2016

Color in Formals - After pregnancy

Hello peeps! While I resumed blogging in March of this year, I have till date been sharing old pics taken during or before pregnancy. This is the first photo shoot after pregnancy and I was so happy to get back to doing OOTDs! :-)

Since Varaa is still quite small, I do not go out much. And when I do go out, it is more about getting Varaa ready and me just grabbing any old thing lying around. So it was a pleasure to again dress up and think about what accessories to wear. 

I wore the shift dress in this post during pregnancy till the seventh month and now it is useful for hiding the post pregnancy fat ;-) For wearing it to the office, I paired it with a cream lace jacket, a pearl necklace and grey pumps. Added a light pink gloss and I was done. And the pop of color from the red purse. Love the elegance that a string of pearls can add to any outfit!

I will also be doing a post on how to convert this outfit into a party outfit if you need to attend a party after office. For now, I hope you like this OOTD. Do let me know in the comments!

Dress - AND
Jacket - Code (Lifestyle)
Pumps - Mint Drop (bought in Japan)
Pearls - gifted by mom

25 May 2016

Designer wedding dresses at Cocomelody

Its springtime! And while looking at the lovely flowers from my window (will share pics of those in another post), I thought this is the perfect time for a wedding :-) It would be so gorgeous to have an outdoor wedding under these beautiful flowers. Would be like a dream wedding. And thinking of weddings, I decided to visit the Cocomelody website to check out the dresses available there.

Cocomelody also stocks designer wedding dresses which are so beautiful and dreamy. I can imagine myself floating down the aisle in one of these fantastic creations. It would make it the perfect day for any bride :-)

For someone looking for more modest dresses, Cocomelody also offers wedding dresses with sleeves which are just as amazing and so so tempting! So check out some of my favorites and do visit the Cocomelody website to check out their entire range.

21 May 2016

Shower time with Beddinginn

I have visited so many places, stayed in so many hotels and bunked in with so many friends. And one of the things I have noticed at all these places, are the different types of shower curtains in the bathrooms :-) Some are plain, some are funny, some are elegant and some are weird :D

So when I came across Beddinginn.com, I was very interested in checking out the shower curtains available on the website. And I was pleasantly surprised to see the wide variety of unique shower curtains they have. They also have luxury shower curtains which are elegant and sometimes quirky! They even have 3D shower curtains which look quite realistic.

To check out the different options available at Beddinginn.com, please click here.

I have some of my favorites from the website here. Let me know what you think!

14 May 2016

Guest post: Featuring Mansi again

Mansi featured on my blog quite a long time ago, almost 2 years ago! Well, she is back again ... and this time with her family which includes her husband Bhavesh and her cute little kids - Krisheev and Aavishka :-)

Mansi is one of my role models, when it comes to work and also when it comes to raising kids. Now that I have Varaa, I constantly call her up to take advice on all baby stuff :-) In addition to all this, she also has a great sense of style which comes through in the below pics. 

These pics were taken on the occasion of Aavishka's first birthday and the destination is Kurumba Resorst in Maldives. That reminds me, Mansi is my role model when it comes to travel as well :D

So tell me, aren't they like the cutest family? I love the way they have coordinated the girl boy dresses - with Aavishka and Mansi having the headband in common, and Krisheev and Bhavesh wearing the exact same clothes. And the braid on Mansi is the perfect way to highlight the headband.

The cute family

Mansi's dress - Macy's (NY)
Aavishka's dress - Farah Balsara party frocks
Mansi and Aavishka's head bands - Farah Balsara party frocks
Bhavesh's shirt - Raymond's
Krisheev's shirt - Zara
The bowties - Farah Balsara party frocks

10 May 2016

My mommy day gift :-)

May 8th was my first Mommy day. Though I have been with Varaa for more than 5 months now, it still was a small shock to suddenly realize that I was a mommy for the rest of my life :-) I know that sounds ridiculous, but I am still sometimes surprised to discover that I have this incredible gift from God and that I am her mommy!

So this mommy day, I got a cute little card from my little princess and also a box of my favorite sweets. I have put up the pics of the card below. Unfortunately, I ate up the sweets and forgot to take pics :D

So for all the mommies out there, how was your mommy day?

5 May 2016

Outfit of the day - Red and Black

These pics were taken when I had just become pregnant, so they are a bit old. But since I missed on putting them up before, am sharing this outfit today.

I bought this red and black dress from Forever21 especially because my mom loved it. I kept the styling simple and paired it with a black purse and black pumps. 

So what do you think of this outfit? Like it?

Dress - Forever21
Pumps - Mint Drop (bought in Japan)
Purse - Rhysetta
Necklace - Romwe