29 June 2014

A Date with Diamonds - with Kama Jewellery

A Date with Diamonds!!!! Now that's a date I wouldn't miss! Would you?

That's what the invitation said. And that's what took me to the launch of a new jewellery collection by Kama Jewellery which was hosted by the beautiful Parimita Chakravorty of MumbaiGloss fame. 

This was a first look of the collection and Kama even has a contest for naming it - Name it, Blog it and Win prizes. All the bloggers present have been asked to come up with a name for the new collection.

And so my name for the collection is ..... "Kashwini"
Kashwini means a Star. Kama's gorgeous diamond collection is like stars in the sky, just as alluring and fascinating. All of us wished that we could pluck a star from the sky as a child. Well, with this collection, you can definitely own a part of the sky :-)

To see what other bloggers have named it, see the below link:

The new collection is exquisite!! It includes designs which are simple and elegant and also pieces which are ostentatious, both of which would definitely be eye-catching wherever they are worn. I fell in love with the single strand of square cut diamonds surrounded by smaller diamonds, which was the one I chose to wear. But in reality, I wish I could own the whole collection ;-)

The best part about the collection is that it has something for everyone. Whether you want to attend a grand Indian wedding or go to a small intimate party, there is a piece that will be perfect for the occasion. To know more, just feast your eyes on the pictures below.

A close up of the necklace

And the rest of the collection!!! - truly lust worthy!

A very unique brand: In addition to letting us drool over the new collection, Kama also took us on a factory visit to show us how their gorgeous jewellery is crafted. This is what is unique about Kama. Anyone who goes to their boutique shop in Andheri can tour the factory to see how the jewellery is made. The factory visit is very informative and seeing the quality control standards at Kama inspires a great deal of trust in the brand. 

A pic of all the bloggers with the MD

If you are in Mumbai and would like to visit the boutique shop, the address is as follows:
Sanghi Oxygen Compund,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri (East) - near the Chakala metro station

You can also stay in touch with Kama on facebook.

After we had taken pictures to our heart's content, it was time for some food and talk. We giggled, we talked, we ate and overall had an amazing time. And Kama put the cherry on the cake by giving all of us a lovely hamper which contained a crystal pen, a silver pendant and some yummy cupcakes :-)

To sum it up, I had a wonderful time at the blogger's meet and it was awesome meeting fellow bloggers from Mumbai and learning about Kama while previewing their gorgeous collection. All in all, a total fun time!!!! 

Thank you, Kama :-)

So which is your favorite piece in the collection?? 


  1. This sounds amazing! And that dress is just gorgeous!

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  6. Wow what gorgeous pieces! I only wish I could afford such amazing jewelry but alas I am living on a student's budget right now :( And you look so beautiful too in green, love that dress!

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  13. Wow what an amazing collection! I really like the name you gave it! :)


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  16. Love them all! Diamonds are indeed gals' best friends!
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