18 July 2015

Wedding dresses at CA-BRIDAL.com

Its the height of summer currently and the perfect weather to have fun, relax, plan a vacation or even plan a wedding! Summer is the perfect time to have an outdoor wedding, surrounded by family and friends, and by nature. I can imagine a beautiful wedding in a garden or at the beach, with the wind blowing gently and the bride dressed beautifully in white :)

And that is where CA-BRIDAL.com comes into the picture. This website offers gorgeous summer wedding dresses in various silhouettes, colors and sizes. Whether it is a short dress or a long one, an elegant or a sexy one, traditional or contemporary, CA-BRIDAL.com has it all. You should especially check out their summer short wedding dresses and their summer beach wedding dresses

I especially like the fact that the website offers custom sizing. Being extra petite, I know what hassle it can be to find a dress that fits perfectly. And your wedding is one occasion when you want to dress to fit like a glove, right? Right! :)

So what are you waiting for? Check out CA-BRIDAL.com! And if you need more incentive, check out some of my favorite dresses below. You will definitely want to check out more then :)


  1. Love the last one! :) Gorgeous dresses!

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  2. Those dresses are absolutely gorgeous! The second one is my favourite :)

  3. So chic!


  4. These are such pretty dresses!

  5. Rosh the dresses are so cute... I hope you are feeling better, it is nice to see that you are blogging xox

  6. They're all gorgeous! I really like the one shoulder dress!

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  7. Love them all! Great wishlist and cool post!

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