20 March 2016

Back interest wedding dresses from Cocomelody

I am back with another post on Cocomelody :-) You might remember I did a post on homecoming dresses available at Cocomelody last year. Most of you loved the dresses that I had selected. In this post, I will be introducing the wedding dresses at Cocomelody. Cocomelody has an amazing collection and I am sure you will love most of the dresses that I show you :-)

A wedding is the most important occasion in a woman's life. Since the month of March celebrates Woman's Day, I decided to showcase these gorgeous backless wedding dresses available at Cocomelody. As a bride glides down the aisle, she captures everyone's attention. People pay special attention to the dress and this is always the highlight! And so, the dress needs to be perfect, both front and back.

If you are looking for sexy backless wedding dresses that will make you shine in everyone's eyes at your wedding, look no further than Cocomelody. They have the most beautiful and ethereal wedding dresses which are perfect from any angle. And as usual, Cocomelody offers custom size where your dress will be perfectly tailored for your exact fit.

And what's more - Cocomelody is offering a discount of $20 if you buy a wedding dress of $300 or more. So what are you waiting for??? Check out Cocomelody's website and let me which is your favorite :-)

Below are some of my favorite wedding dresses at Cocomelody.


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    1. Yes Varaa keeps me super busy :) So hardly get any time for blogging!

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  6. They take me to a different world..these dresses.

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