20 January 2013

Belated Happy Birthday!! ......

.... to me!!!!!!!!!! .. Haha .. so you can see how lazy I am since I am late in posting on my own birthday :D

My birthday is on 31st December. Sigh!!! what a nice day to have a birthday right? last day of the year, everyone celebrating ... hmmm .. not exactly. While having a birthday on the last day of the year is exciting, it also means that most of your friends are never available to party that night! They are all busy at different new year parties :) The last time I had all my friends available for a birthday party and for partying all through the night with me was 2004! ... So you can imagine how I feel! Though I do have a darling hubby who is always there with me to make my day and make me feel extra awesome .. hehe.

But whatever said and done, this day does make me feel special (as it would for anyone who has a birthday on any day), but it makes me feel especially special since its the last day of the year. At least no one forgets my birthday! ;)

I believe that the end of a year is always exciting and awesome (of course partly due to the anticipation of gifts at the end of the year ;)). But by end of year, I do not mean just December .. I mean the last 3-4 months of the year. There are so many festivals - Ganesh Chathurti, Navratri, Dusshera, Diwali, Christmas .. wow! Also, the weather, particularly in humid Bombay, starts becoming cool and cozy. All these together make the end of every year very special for me. So this is how I looked at the start of December :D
Shirt - Promod, Jeans and belt - Forever 21, slippers and purse - local shops in Ghatkopar

Getting back to my birthday, I did get a lot of gifts .. yay!!! In fact, the dress I am wearing below was a gift from hubby dearest. I usually start shopping for gifts from hubby (yes, he has to take me to buy my gifts) at the start of December and the whole month becomes a series of gifts (sigh! .. such happy memories). Despite this, hubby does manage to surprise me. This year, the surprise was .......  a pair of love birds ... they are so sweet and cute! Very unimaginatively, I have named them Honey (the female) and Bunny (the male) - for those who are unfamiliar, this is a total rip off from the current Idea ad! :D

To all the animal and bird lovers, please don't hit me. I love all animals, birds, insects, reptiles, etc. So these darling love birds stayed with me only 5 days. On the Sunday after my birthday, we released them in a green area nearby. I pray that they will be happy, healthy and safe there. It was really emotional and I miss them so much!

As to what I did on my birthday - visited my parents in the morning, got excited over the love birds, had an afternoon snooze, went mall trolling, caught a 5D show, ate yummy ice cream at Hokey Pokey (called Manic Monkey!), played a few games of air hockey (I just love this game!), had delicious pasta for dinner, and then snuggled up to hubby at night and watched TV. So nothing exciting, but a lot of fun :)

And at the end of this long post, I leave you with pics of my birthday dress and of the love birds. Hope you like them!

Dress - Global Desi (gifted by hubby), necklace - from Bhuj 

 Clutch - H&M
Yummy pasta from Mexican Olives

Bangles - Ethnicity

Shoes - Raw Hide (from Lifestyle)

So do you like my birthday dress?


  1. You are 1 lucky lady!!:)Touchwood..Such an awesome dress:)
    And the birds made my day..cho cute..

    1. Thank you Shruti! Sweet of you to say that :)

  2. Belated Birthday wishes rosh