26 January 2013

Elavo Toilet Seat Sanitizer - Review

I bought this product as it was recommended by my doctor after I got severe UTI. He suggested that I should avoid going to the toilet in public places. While I do this rarely, I do have to go to the toilet in my office which is where I caught the UTI. So the only solution to this was to buy a toilet seat sanitizer.

Price: INR99 for 75 ml (bought for INR69 from medplusbeauty)

Ingredients: IPA (Rubbed Alcohol), Fragrance, Propellant (Butane, Isobutane, Propane)

What the product claims and where it can be used.

I believe this product is a must for all ladies. If possible, the best thing to do is to use an Indian-style toilet. But western-style toilets are the norm these days in malls, restaurants or anywhere else that you go. So having a toilet seat sanitizer is a must!

Elavo is very easy to use. Just spray it over the toilet seat and wait 5 seconds for it work, and you can be ensured that most of the germs are killed and you are safe from UTI. While the claim on the bottle says that it is good for 150 sprays, I say that the no. of sprays is much lesser than that. Reason being that for testing purposes, the company would have sprayed a small amount each time, while for actual use, you need to spray much more to cover the toilet seat. I have used up one bottle (since I need to use it everyday in office!) in like 15 days and I believe I would have got around 75 sprays (enough to cover the whole toilet seat) out of it. For the price, this is a really good deal. And with the other option being - getting UTI, I think this product is totally worth it!

For someone who needs to use it only occassionally, this bottle will last a long time! And the bottle is quite small and will easily fit into your purse. I carry it around wherever I go, be it office or out and about during the weekend.

So have you used this or any similar product? What are your views on this product?


  1. OMG...I m so in love with this prodcut..n i m going to post its review on my blog in a few weeks..!i love ur blog..its really nice..n u r so pretty. thanks for ur comment on my blog.


    1. Thanks Aditi! :) I would love to read your review on Elavo.

  2. Hi, Thanks for a very informative review about the product. I am interested in purchasing this product but have 1 question to ask you since you have covered all my other questions in your above review. My question is - what is the shelf life of the product (or) what is the expiry period from the manufacturing date?

    1. Shelf life is decent - around a year.

  3. Anonymous7.9.13

    Hi..i am sufferring from UTI. My doctor also advised to use it..does it really helps..as in after using it did u suffer from UTI again..

    1. Thanfully have not suffered from UTI since using this product. But in addition to using Elavo, you need to be careful while using public toilets. Try and use Indian style toilets if the option is available. They are obviously safer.

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  5. Ivrysha16.4.18

    Where can I get this in India.. is it discontinued?

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  7. Public restrooms often harbor different kinds of bacteria and germs that can make you sick. Although it’s unlikely that you will contract any serious diseases from a toilet seat, you may nevertheless want or need to sanitize a public restroom. You can disinfect a public toilet and keep yourself from picking up any bacteria that may linger on surfaces. Toilet Seat Sanitizer