21 October 2014

Garnier BB cream - my experience

On my recent visit to Korea, I was speaking with a female colleague and admired her skin. She is in her late thirties, but has gorgeous skin. She mentioned that she puts five "lotions" in the morning before leaving the house. And in my mind, I was like ... Five!!!

She asked me what lotion I use. Now I am the sort who hates anything on her face. I cannot bear to put creams cause they are greasy. I do not even use sunscreen (I know that's really bad!). So when I told her this, her expression was one of pure horror and I got a small lecture on the importance of taking care of my skin.

That started me thinking. What she said was true. But the problem is that I cannot bear cream on my face :-(

And then came this Indiblogger event with Garnier BB Cream. I have of course seen the ads of Garnier BB Cream and always thought it was a smart move to combine moisturizer with foundation (especially for people like me who cannot imagine putting 2-3 layers of stuff on their face!). But I did not take the effort to try it out.

So when I got a sample of the BB Cream, I was excited to try it out - my colleague's words on using lotion were still fresh in my mind.

And how was my experience??? Well, in one word, it was awesome!

This is a cream which moisturizers, has properties of a foundation and even SPF 24! What more could I ask for?

The cream claims to brighten, smoothen and moisturize skin. And believe me, it does that. The first time I put it on my face and neck and asked my hubby how I looked, he said that my face was glowing and it looked very smooth and bright. I noticed the same thing. It lightens any marks that you might have and makes the skin tone look very even. I am not saying it will get rid of marks like a whitening cream. But it makes them look very faded and hence your skin will look smooth.

Another thing - it is totally non-greasy. I went out in the sun immediately after putting it on; I did not break out in a sweat (when I apply a moisturizer or sun screen and go out in the heat, that's what happens to my face). And with its high SPF, I also had protection for my skin.

Last week I had to take a video interview of very senior person in my firm. This was my first time interviewing someone and so of course I was jittery. But one thing I knew, I would be looking my best! I put on the Garnier BB Cream and everyone in office also commented on how lovely I was looking! ;-)

So what is my verdict?? I have found a solution to my lotion problem. Just apply Garnier BB Cream, and I get smooth moisturized skin, and sun protection from just one product. No need of multiple "lotions"!

Am sure doing a happy dance :-D

So have you used Garnier BB Cream or any other BB cream? Share your experience in the comments!


  1. I'm really that kind of the person-I just can't stand anything on my face- either it doesn't look nice, itches or leaves bad impression on my skin. My sister used Garnier BB cream- just paler than my face is, but after reading your experience-I think I will buy it myself!

  2. Oh my gosh! I was just about to write a similar post (and probably will) because I am in love with their BB 'eye' cream. I love their product line as well (:


  3. I have other BB, but I want to try this :D :)


  4. Very interesting review!

  5. Im thinking of getting myself one, because i love Garnier products. Great review <3

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  6. I used this BB cream before and I think that is a good product except for the colors
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  7. I used it and loved it!


  8. So glad you found something you love! Will definitely have to try it!

  9. I love Garnier products so glad you love it too. Great review.

  10. Perfect review... I love Garnier!!!
    Happy wed darling!!

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  11. I love it :)
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  12. great! I didint use garnier yet! but afte your post I think ill try too!

  13. I've used this before. It's certainly value for money. Sorry, been so busy haven't had time to come by & I'll be flying off again next week. xoxo
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  14. Glad it's working for you Rosh, because for me it did not. It dried out my skin :/

  15. When I first tried this out I didn't particularly like it but once I got used to it it's become a huge favourite of mine! Great post x

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  17. I've tried this BB cream myself!
    And although the color is a little to dark for my skin, I did like the finish of this product :)
    Thanks for your comments on my blog!


  18. Great post :) this BB cream is one of my favourites! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I followed you, hope youll come back! x


  19. I'm definitely a BB cream girl... I skip it quite often as well!
    Haven't tried this one though... Will check it out when i finish my current one!


  20. Hiya! I have you tried the Maybelline BB cream?

    Just followed you! Follow back?